Laser win (X post fro r/WTF)

Laser win (X post fro r/WTF)

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13 responses to “Laser win (X post fro r/WTF)”

  1. luk3 says:

    Love the accurate use of PS2 and USB ends.

  2. IDontRememberIfItWasATelecasterOrAStratocaster says:

    Couldn’t track mouse conversation.

  3. DoctorAvatarTheLastOfTheTimeBendingAirLords says:

    What the hell happens when a cat comes along? That mouse is double fucked with a lazer crotch.

  4. BSGTalic says:

    I, for one, would love to have laser balls

  5. theh8ed says:

    I do it all…

  6. McTrick says:

    Don’t look directly into the red light, you will go blind.

  7. Ivegotadiddlybunchofcoconuts says:

    I used to steal the balls out of the mice at the school computer lab when I was a kid.

  8. Whuppee says:

    Unique among its kind, this is the laser mouse: an autogenous creature, its tail has become purely aesthetic.

  9. Thismakesmehappy says:

    That’s not very mice

  10. Whuppee says:

    A dying breed, its pelvis serves as an attractant of particular interest to domesticated feliforms.

  11. awakawakawakawakawaka says:

    yes you do

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