‘Living in a bubble’: Mia Farrow knows how all the ‘rude people on Twitter’ vote

Would it be rude to remind Mia Farrow that Twitchy is forever?

The actress’ tweet about “rude” Twitter Republicans is gone, but since we’re givers, it definitely won’t be forgotten:


Farrow also deleted her response to this tweet:


Generous conservatives kindly spared a few moments to gently correct Ms. Farrow.



So much rudeness.


Ms. Farrow, we humbly recommend some reading material from our archives. Perhaps you could share it with your friend, the kind, loving, and not-at-all rude Alec Baldwin.

Republicans: So rude on Twitter.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/08/28/living-in-a-bubble-mia-farrow-knows-how-all-the-rude-people-on-twitter-vote/

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