Men From The ‘Drunk Girl’ Viral Video Claim They Were Just Acting

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Another day, another Internet hoax. Those who called it should pat themselves on the backs for their Internet sleuthing skills.

The Smoking Gun alleges the Stephen Zhang viral video purportedly showing what happened when actress Jennifer Box pretended to be drunk on Hollywood Boulevard is a fake.

Mike “Mokii” Koshak, the man wearing a blue-green tank top who appears at the 3:24 mark, works for LA Epic. The company, whose logo is seen on his hat in the video, sells tickets to tourists.

Needless to say, LA Epic isn’t pleased its brand has been featured in a skeevy video.

Christine Peters, Koshak’s supervisor, told TSG that Koshak had been approached to “say a couple of lines for a comedy sketch,” but “they made it seem like he was trying to take the girl home.”

Soon after the video began spreading, Koshak posted a telling update to his Facebook.

He said,

[The video] does not portray myself or any of the other people in it correctly…it’s a false ass portrayal and I was lied to about what the video even was. Faulty ass shit.

Koshak provided TSG with the screenshot of a message sent privately from Zhang’s partner, Seth Leach. In the post, Leach instructs Koshak to admit to acting for the video.


Leach writes,

This video is going to get you well known and have a future with us and our company… you are in our team now and we will take care of you.

TSG also reports the other men in the video are local street musician Ashtray and tour bus driver Josh Blaine.

Blaine, who wears sunglasses and a gray shirt in the clip, told TSG he was asked to help out with the video as a favor, adding,

It was supposed to be a funny skit… f*ck my life.

Zhang, who’s the CEO of viral marketing startup HYGO, has not yet commented on the alleged hoax.

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