Millennials Buy More Of This Type Of Alcohol Than Anyone Else In The US

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For Millennials who are serious about drinking, wine is barely alcohol, but that doesnt stop them from drinking moreof itthan any other demographic.

According to research from Wine Market Council, Millennials downed almost half of Americas wine in 2015.

To put it in perspective, thats 159.6 million cases of wine staining the teeth of US drinkers aged21 to 38, or two cases of wine per person on average.

The Snapchat generation reportedly drinkswine from Oregon, Chile and Greece and is more willing than other age groups to spend $20 for a bottle that, lets face it, gets downed with the ferocity of someone chugging Gatorade during a hangover.

A taste for wine goes beyond every individuals love of gracefully swirling a glass full of cabernet in his or her palm like a James Bond villain, but I suspect that aspect is a huge part of it.

What up, haters? We Millennials are classy as sh*t.

*gently slaps a bag of Franzia Sunset Blush*

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