More than amazed.

More than amazed.

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14 responses to “More than amazed.”

  1. millhouse4 says:

    then* lol just kidding

  2. Threshershark says:

    Suddenly I feel inadequate as an artist :(

  3. Horibukkur says:

    It could be workers… OR ALIENS!!!!!!

  4. sphinkter says:

    I wouldn’t even be able to make a stick-figure

  5. MostOfImgurGenerallyPissesMeOff says:

    formations too, also the last two are extremely FUCKING AWESOME.

  6. chaoskidd says:

    I love the “You won’t be bored on” strip at the bottom

  7. theshatnerincident says:

    Sweet fuckballs, that is absolutely astonishing.

  8. Aethernode says:

    Leave it to Asians.

  9. kartoffel says:

    Holy shit. Thats really cool. Wow

  10. gookish says:

    As an Asian, +1 for anything rice.

  11. iwantoneofthosesuperlongusernamestoo says:

    Fuckin Asians.

  12. SeanTuroci says:

    The Asians will take over the world with their talent!

  13. Levester says:

    how the fuck is this possible. I SUCK.

  14. Shmangy says:

    Freaking incredible. BESIDES the 9Gag part.

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