MRW I realized that upvoting increasing notoriety

MRW I realized that upvoting increasing notoriety

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16 responses to “MRW I realized that upvoting increasing notoriety”

  1. halorix says:

    isn’t this a downvote gif? or did i go color blind again?

  2. ImJavert says:

    YOU’RE amazing

  3. phoenixrachel says:

    I just assume that they are on fire. Heated up upvotes. Yeah?

  4. RiddledWays says:

    Reddit upvotes are this color, so that is why a lot of similar gifs use orange. :)

  5. Grizzlydave says:

    Eat a my steaming hot up votes!

  6. halorix says:

    I was wondering why it was orange and not red, but now I have more information for when i infiltrate Reddit, my disguise is almost complete.

  7. Marmadas says:

    But this is not Reddit.

  8. Pyrohawk says:

    But many of the pictures on here come from Reddit. Even in user submitted, most are just pulled from there by users.

  9. NotReallyJustKiddingIfOffendingAndNotACompliment says:

    No this: is a downvote-gif…

  10. voltron7812 says:

    this is totally a rip off of a different post from earlier this week with the same title…

  11. SquishyPanda says:

    To be pedantic, the upvotes/muzzle flashes should only be come out of one barrel… But cool gif. Saved.

  12. SquishyPanda says:

    I know that’s how the original was, so it’s not OP’s fault.

  13. Eaaaagle says:

    If only down voting decreased notoriety then we could get rid of all these down vote fairies.

  14. LoganLewis says:

    Still cute as hell!

  15. bortsimpson says:

    upvoting and downvoting are polar opposites, yet to be up for something and down for something means the exact same thing…English…

  16. PrincessValhallaHawkwind says:

    This is the best upvoting gif ! +1

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