My sister told me “these buildings look like usb drives”


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12 responses to “My sister told me “these buildings look like usb drives””

  1. iceburglettuce says:

    This is in U.A.E right ?

  2. dascannibal says:

    Your sister is correct.

  3. turdsandwitch says:

    Imagine all the porn that could hold!

  4. Dunes8 says:

    The ones on the left look like electric razors.

  5. WeUsedToRuleTheWorldYouKnow says:

    Now they look like robots.

  6. jayhawk1013 says:

    Would be a bitch to flip them around.

  7. Wuesty93 says:

    You’re pretty bad at photoshop, I take it.

  8. corsskeys says:

    Imagine all the porn you could fit on those…

  9. OfSkotfre says:

    Found your mom’s porn collection.

  10. macvsog88 says:

    You’re sister isn’t the brightest, is she? Is she from Jersey?

  11. areallytallmidget says:

    You’re sister was correct.

  12. Krysman25 says:

    it does now! OP must be a builder

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