Nailed it.

Nailed it.

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14 responses to “Nailed it.”

  1. phantasmicallyfurious says:

    hey you dropped it

  2. Crushed says:

    The first time this got posted the moon was right between his fingers I bet

  3. Elapidae says:

    Aww man not a YouTube link.

  4. Elapidae says:

    I don’t have the privacy to watch it.

  5. ScotchyScotchScotchDownIntoMyBellyMmMmMm says:

    Steph! Our gesture!

  6. Existentialcrises says:

    +1 despite grammar mistake.

  7. ruark1957 says:

    I don’t care how big u think it is!

  8. sollenwir says:

    best caption today

  9. Shirtboy says:

    This close.

  10. UnlikelyMotivation says:

    Its a gif…. waiiit for it..

  11. justsittingheretrollingalong says:

    Only if you used a sledgehammer.

  12. carsonthebarbarian says:

    No he missed it by this much

  13. NexIuguolo says:

    I am squishing your head!

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