Not much happens here in Vermont…

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Not much happens here in Vermont...

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19 responses to “Not much happens here in Vermont…”

  1. TrickyThingPsychicPaper says:

    That’s what Vermont wants us to think.

  2. cujari says:

    and that’s why it stays there.

  3. TheThirstyMoose says:

    What happens in Vermont…..usually involves maple syrup

  4. aRandomWolf says:

    Even the bumper stickers are boring.

  5. benjamines says:

    Know what I mean, Verm…ont?

  6. PetrificusTotalus says:

    “And that’s why no-one stays.”

  7. Nathanfake says:

    perfect logic

  8. Moonkey says:

    Vermont is a metaphor for my life.

  9. Iworkjusthardenoughtnottogetfired says:

    Suddenly, maple syrup party.

  10. Amped5 says:

    Epic Photoshop Skillzzzzz

  11. Nathanfake says:

    they are also very honest in vermont

  12. shutthefuckupdonny says:

    i asked my friend from vermont how his summer was and he said his town finally got a paved road…

  13. iamthediscofapper says:

    Not with that attitude.

  14. IfYouCheckMyCommentsYouWillNoticeImNotAFunnyGuy says:

    The potatoshop is strong with this one.

  15. MidoriFlygon says:

    Why did this need to be badly photoshopped onto a car bumper… You could’ve just had the text

  16. ShoopDeDoop says:

    The first rule about what happens in Vermont is that you don’t talk about what happens in Vermont.

  17. somethingwitty33 says:

    As a Vermonter, I can confirm this

  18. TotoAfrica says:

    Except for Super Troopers.

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