Old Spice, WTF

Old Spice, WTF

Old Spice, WTF

Old Spice, WTF

Old Spice, WTF

Old Spice, WTF

Old Spice, WTF

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/mjUkU

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10 responses to “Old Spice, WTF”

  1. NasWorthingtonIII says:

    yea, I’m thinking how stupid this company is for making the commercial and how insulting it is that they think it’d make me buy it

  2. theDrWayne says:

    I love that the kinds of adverts by skittles, starbuck & shit like this is what gets us these days. I thank the internet for their creation

  3. LargePoutine says:

    I need a shower. Hmm, where did I put my knife?

  4. Ihatesports says:

    Yeah its weird, why is that other guy wearing all his clothes into the shower?

  5. cousteau says:

    It isn’t in prison.

  6. EbolaSandwich says:

    Only the basketball variety.

  7. thomaseeno says:

    Actually it isn’t, they just got inspired by Tim & Eric.

  8. kerms says:

    So we’re just going to ignore the fact that we’re giving Old Spice free advertisement to the front page of a popular website?

  9. scier says:

    Them’s for pussies. And grandpas!

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