People like this make me want to jump off of a cliff

People like this make me want to jump off of a cliff

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16 responses to “People like this make me want to jump off of a cliff”

  1. imtiredofyourshit says:

    Post the comments please. I want to see her friend’s suggestions!

  2. Resurrectionist says:

    I dunno… a few turns through the self-clean cycle might do it.

  3. CrazyladyonaRainbow says:

    Did she really hate the pet that much?

  4. FoxQueen says:

    how do these kind of people make it into adulthood?

  5. MagnusDeacon says:

    Um… try throwing them off a cliff instead.

  6. GabrielRenfrow says:

    People like this make me wan to push THEM off a cliff!

  7. trout007 says:

    It works if you use the self clean cycle. It’s much hotter and does a great job.

  8. TheNextBestUsername says:

    This comment/thought is the funniest part of the image. +1

  9. pacqjac says:

    Did she try the clean setting? When thats done there are only ever ashes of the remains of spills and bubbled over dishes left if my oven.

  10. colonizethesun says:

    …She almost had dinner

  11. SnowyOwl says:

    Did you bake or broil?

  12. Christx30 says:

    Long live the king.

  13. boomer0001 says:

    No OP, we need to throw her off the cliff.

  14. Ijustfoundoutyoucanchangeyourusername says:

    …does she not realize burning leads to ashes?

  15. softballguy says:

    Getting tired of your shit, Kristi Burgess.

  16. nabjab says:

    nope. I like this cliff.. push them off!

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