Perfectly cast movie roles

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Perfectly cast movie roles

Val Kilmer stole this movie. While there were a lot of great actors in it, none could stand up to Val Kilmers performance.

Perfectly cast movie roles

One of my all time favorite movies with one of my all time favorite actors. Daniel has a way of transforming into the character he is playing and you completely forget that it is him. No one, I repeat no one could have done better.

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19 responses to “Perfectly cast movie roles”

  1. sixstringhook says:

    *edited some spelling mistakes

  2. bigpaynis says:

    I wish I died instead of Heath Ledger so I can watch his latest roles while I’m living the devine afterlife.

  3. LowFatBatman says:

    i agree with all plus tim curry in anything he has ever played

  4. CheshirexKitten says:

    The only problem with Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lector is he’s a little too in your face creepy for a character who was a sociopath.

  5. sixstringhook says:

    Will be putting together more if there proves to be enough interest

  6. Simisaurus says:

    At first I was like.. “Who’s Dr. Bravo?”

  7. CheshirexKitten says:

    I do actually love him in that movie, and practically every other role he’s played.

  8. shannon0303 says:

    Brad Pitt in Fight Club and Adrien Brody in The Pianist also come to mind

  9. QueenAmy says:

    *gary oldman in everything

  10. keyserv says:

    I tried to watch Natural Born Killers on acid once…..worst idea ever.

  11. steve699 says:

    Daniel Day Lewis is always a perfect cast choice.

  12. sixstringhook says:

    or best. That would be horrifying and amazing.

  13. poorleno says:

    I like it when in rango johnny depp the chameleon flies into johnny depp the hunter s thompson that was so cool

  14. GandolfFood says:

    Patrick Stewart as Professor X! Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark! J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson! Meryl Streep as Batman!

  15. KittehHawk says:

    Tom Hardy in most films. Fuck it, every film.

  16. TorquingWetStrainers says:

    Agreed with most, except Ledger. IMO, does not top Nicholson’s Joker. Ledger hits some nice menacing poses but doesn’t convince.

  17. RadicalElation says:

    I enjoy the Hannibal show, but I just can’t help but feel Mads Mikkelsen ISN’T Hannibal… not only him, but the character itself…

  18. shannon0303 says:

    Bronson! Oh my god, that movie was not what I was expecting, in the best possible way!

  19. shannon0303 says:

    pffft RDJ as Stark: arrogant narcissist is pretty much his real life persona. Yes perfectly cast, but not a showcase of brilliant acting.

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