Pocket bunny!

Pocket bunny!

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/kw9y8

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18 responses to “Pocket bunny!”

  1. Frostels says:

    The shirt is ripping!

  2. princessspeach says:

    This would be such a great party trick!

  3. tardusmaximus says:

    “There’s nothing to see here…definitely no bunny rabbit in this here pocket, noooo sir, keep movin.”

  4. runia24 says:

    Peekaboo! …Really? First comment chance and THAT’S what I come up with?

  5. whomptastic says:

    You ruined it, caption.

  6. PounderMcNasty says:

    You’ve got a stray hare on your shirt! Ok guys, I’ll leave now…

  7. thesquareskittle says:


  8. DrZZoidberg says:

    OOOOH so THAT is where all the magicians kept their bunnies! Everything makes sense now!

  9. acidkkat says:

    That bunny must be heavy, ripped the man’s shirt…I’ll get my coat.

  10. blueknot says:

    How to put hare on your chest

  11. Saxit says:


  12. SonnyWho1972 says:

    Ironic.. the rabbit is poking it’s head out like a turtle.

  13. Number0 says:

    I keep trying to type clever comments, but all that comes out is d’awwwww.

  14. Idonteatenoughfruit says:

    Samsung’s newest prototype.

  15. TroyBaker says:

    The Much Kinder version to Pocket Sand.

  16. 0nepumpchump says:

    I see where that adorable little fucker tried to bite your nipple off.

  17. StinkFist893 says:

    Ok take hare.

  18. jeffehpop says:

    does it have a touch screen?

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