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10 responses to “Really?!?!”

  1. Elapidae says:

    Look it’s a cup holder for my reasonably sized beverage.

  2. LordPuffington says:

    They wanted to raise their blood pressure real quick. Tryna get a high score. They don’t have time to clean up.

  3. Armature says:

    0 over 0 with 0 pulse. They died.

  4. Gargam3L says:

    Maybe they are writing a book called: Experiments with McDonalds and Blood Pressure

  5. halshing says:

    The new McDiabetes!

  6. skch says:

    wouldn’t it be great if this was inside a Mcdonalds?!

  7. ilikejucylucys says:

    Since when did walgreens add a McDonalds?

  8. MusicalTheatre says:

    Walmart even sweats chicken nuggets. Uhh. *burp* Murica’.

  9. Lambpasty says:

    Maybe they were doing an experiment? For SCIENCE??

  10. tittiesandkitties says:

    Geeze louise lemon squeeze, I haven’t seen one of those machines in awhile.

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