Regal as fuck

Regal as fuck

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11 responses to “Regal as fuck”

  1. againajames says:

    I like how he just stands there and accepts that he gets his arm cut of. Like a Sir.

  2. peatiest says:

    I would love a print of this.

  3. RecklessSoulExploring says:

    900 x 1800 resolution to be found here:

  4. thomaseeno says:


  5. CaptainDickBeard says:

    Time For Brandy!

  6. sordidblu says:

    The stump looks like Audrey 2.

  7. PlutoBHG says:

    ive come across this on random like 8 times now, and its still awesome

  8. howmanyplanescouldmychuckschuckifmychuckswereairplanechucks says:

    ‘cept that alcohol thins the blood and means you could actually die quicker…

  9. lumberjacket says:

    First time finding it on random, and it is very awesome

  10. thanksforcaring says:

    I understood that reference!

  11. Dremmen says:

    You are a saint, if I do say so myself.

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