Scientists Connect 2 Brains, Allowing For Mind-To-Mind Communication

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Brain-to-brain communication became a reality at the University of Washington when one person thought of an action and the other made it happen.

Two people were connected with electroencephalography (EEG) headsets.

One participant, known as the sender, watched a computer game featuring rockets that needed to be shot down using a touchpad. The other participant, or the receiver, was in a separate building with no visual of the game, but controlled the touchpad.

Whenever the sender saw a rocket, the individual issued a mental instruction to fire.

That brain signal was sent to the receiver, who would then fire as soon as they received the command.

The three different pairs tested shot down the rockets approximately 48 percent of the time, according to The Daily Dot. One pair was able to communicate well enough to hit 83.3 percent of the rockets.

Planes that were not supposed to be shot down flew alongside the rockets.

All three senders correctly understood not to fire at them throughout 81.25 percent of their trials.

The experiment did not disclose what you’re all probably wondering: What did the receiver feel when he or she knew to fire at the rockets? The average person being able to distinguish such a sensation without some practice would be the key to taking full advantage of the technology.

It is assumed, however, that like similar experiments, these capabilities will be used for disabled people who cannot speak — as opposed to something more fun, like world domination.

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