Sometimes shit is all you need

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Sometimes shit is all you need

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14 responses to “Sometimes shit is all you need”

  1. Brosephridonasaurus says:

    Horse shit, horse shit everywhere.

  2. ObamaCare says:

    But do we really know which one is “the other side”

  3. Rothco88 says:

    but if im on the right side then youre full of shit

  4. TracerBulletPI says:

    I deal with plenty of bullshit and all I’ve got is a dead mud lawn. … oh and that balloon that floated over from the neighbors party.

  5. youtheman says:

    Or just has a better sprinkler system?

  6. Sukato says:

    I feel so inspired.

  7. MisterPresident says:

    The greener one

  8. whitekidslikekoolaidtoo says:

    Minnesota-Wisconsin border

  9. rabidworm says:

    “why the fuck does only MY lawn smell like shit…”

  10. johnny5alive says:

    coming to a gas station t-shirt near you. Summer 1992

  11. kcloud says:

    Proving that bullshit has its uses.

  12. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    Everyone’s got their own shit to deal with, some of it’s better than others.

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