such a big baby!

such a big baby!

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15 responses to “such a big baby!”

  1. Moonkey says:

    Actually that’s a dog.

  2. sillyvizsla says:

    “You…. you…. you’re not going to eat all of that, are you?”

  3. HockeyOnImgurMakesMeHappy says:

    My roommate’s dog gave me this exact same look after I scolded her for licking (LICKING!) my chicken and pasta right in front of me.

  4. ilikejucylucys says:

    Guilt trip Gabby is doing her job today. . give her a treat!

  5. Duderamus says:

    I’ve yet to understand why this is a baby

  6. purrpurrpurr says:

    Clearly a vicious killer.

  7. totesfreal says:

    Two, please.

  8. ImTheGuyFromThatThing says:

    Actually, that’s a shark on land.

  9. Queenoftheupvotecastle says:

    land shark!

  10. throwbacksoul says:

    Are you sure it isn’t a cow posing as one? I’ve seen them do it…Canine Bovine…

  11. yeahrightshaun says:

    As a Boxer owner: I get this face every day when I tell him “be good okay?”

  12. aroha93 says:

    In my vast experience, pit bulls give the best hugs.

  13. crazyCADS says:

    a big baby that strives to eat babies.

  14. Captainschism says:

    Hugs, cuddles, walks, poops on your floor, protection, friendship. Everything and more!

  15. squeezebox says:

    MUCH better than a bebbeh!!

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