The battle for Endor has begun

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The battle for Endor has begun

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14 responses to “The battle for Endor has begun”

  1. sup3rflyy says:

    This has no comments, 324 upvotes, and is all in the red. I don’t understand.

  2. mimikikididifefezaza says:

    It’s an E-e-e-e-ewok!

  3. DVSBSTrD says:

    I want one.

  4. Theresonlyonewaytoskinacat says:

    Beat it….

  5. Bergmandy says:

    Looks like a little bearded Asian man in fast forward

  6. HughLaurieNotLorry says:

    This is the be all endor

  7. screamingfetus says:

    Decent gift for swiggity swooty

  8. DangerIsMyUsername says:

    This gif terrifies me

  9. Duppychubbs says:

    Nothing Star Wars about this.

  10. hedgehogsinhats says:

    Bill Cosby?

  11. IncrediblyRudeIndividual says:

    metaphorical and literal animal shit everywhere.

  12. ISeeYourCatInTheWindow says:

    This broke me

  13. renLEEbaratheon says:

    Where do I buy one?

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