The Crowning At Miss Universe 2015 Got Seriously Awkward

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When thinking of the Miss Universe Pageants, a lot of questions are raised. Why is the victor always from Earth? Is it still the fifties? Who chooses the hosts?

In this case, its mainly the latter because, fan favourite TV presenter, Steve Harvey made a monumental c*ck-up when announcing the winner/runner-up of the Miss Universe 2015 finals.

Id go through aconvoluted way of describing what happened but this really is something to behold and you need to see it to believe it it is odd, however, how they manage to make it look like it was almost on purpose – Like a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire style build-up of suspense.

Watch watch watch watch watch

Ooooooohh that was uncomfortable. If it were me up there presenting (my rates are low, people) Id have totally blamed someone else for that mistake. So fair play to Steve, I suppose.

And well done ladies..?

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