There seems to be some confusion.


There seems to be some confusion.

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8 responses to “There seems to be some confusion.”

  1. mrando282 says:

    God bless America

  2. ExistentialEchidna says:

    While I agree with this sentiment, I am mildly insulted that you think my ass is fat.

  3. IGotABellyAche says:

    my ass isn’t that fat…

  4. grandiflora says:

    Sometimes, the hefty are disabled.

  5. MsMirandaPriestly says:

    Meh Condushion!

  6. canes21 says:

    Some people are disabled because of their obesity and need them. I will stop there because I probably have some unpopular things to say. :)

  7. analisforstupidsluts says:

    Shots fired. I repeat chocolately jelly filled shots have been fired

  8. mastoor says:

    i thought they were meant for grocery store races

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