There’s A Guy In A Yeti Costume Walking Around In The Blizzard (Photos)

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Though Juno, aka the “worst blizzard ever” totally bypassed New York, much of the Northeast got completely slammed by the storm.

Many cities — scratch that, states —  are literally blanketed in snow, and with travel bans and work cancellations, millions of people remain stranded at home.

Presumably, sh*t is starting to get seriously boring.

The creative, however, know fun can be found in any situation if you just look hard enough — which is why one man in Boston has taken to roaming the streets while decked out in a Yeti costume.

Prior to the storm, the playful dude created a Twitter account, @BostonYeti2015, to document his adventures, and over 3,500 users have been tracking his goofy parade since.

Though some feel the man’s actions are irresponsible given the severity of the storm, most find the Yeti’s antics rather entertaining — us included.

The Snowmageddon selfie.

This is how you do a storm.

Some people are seriously amused.

And some appreciate the distraction.

But, some don’t have a sense of humor.

At least he’s reminding people to be safe!

Plus, it totally trumps all other news.

Oh yeah, there’s a “Snowst,” too.

The Snowst is here to lend a helping (invisible) hand.

Back to the LOLZ.

Even the Irish are into it.

The Yeti is getting super popular.

Do you fancy a giggle?

Snowst + Yeti = Best Snowstorm Ever.

We like Yeti.

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