This fireman saved a little girl’s life. 17 years later, she does something in return.

It happened 17 years ago and it was an on the job experience that firefighter Mike Hughes never forgot.

The call was to the Davison household which was in flames upon arrival. Everyone got pulled out from the fire, except for a baby who remained inside. Mike had a decision to make, and without hesitation, he made that decision. Back into the blazing home he went. There, in one of the rooms, he found the 9-month-old baby named Dawnielle. She was rolled up in a ball, in the corner of her bed. Mike carefully took the child, wrapped her in his arms, and raced back outside to safety. News of his heroism made the rounds and a local hero was born.

Even now, he remembers the moments of that rescue like it was yesterday: “When we arrived, a large part of the house was already engulfed in flames. I found Dawnielle curled up in her crib in the bedroom.” It would be an image that would forever remain with him. When social media came along, Mike decided to take a glance and see how that little girl from the fire was doing. He found her and decided to write her a short note: “Hello. I think I once pulled you from a fire when you were still a very little girl.” That short note is all it took for the two of them to reunite and a special connection to form. So much so that Mike became like a second father to Dawnielle.

Dawnielle was now graduating from high school, and Mike was invited to attend. But when Dawnielle took the stage to give her speech, Mike began tearing up big time. Dawnielle said in her speech: “Mikes presence here is really important to me. I always cry from happiness when I think about how everything could have been so different. I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for you.”

Mike and Dawnielle embraced and it was clear that not only did Mike save the girls life 17 years ago, he now has become a very good friend to Dawnielle.

What an incredible story of how one extraordinary experience bonded two people in a way that still remains strong to this day.

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