Those moments

Those moments

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16 responses to “Those moments”

  1. justbrowsingimgur says:

    This is hilarious hahaha

  2. Abstractt says:

    I just realized that the desk is really tall

  3. mybad says:

    I relate to a lot of these. Guess that means I’m a chick in a dude’s body. Time for a sex change. I’m gonna be be the hottest lesbian ever.

  4. FakeNoodlesAreImpastas says:


  5. StoeriTheGerman says:

    just sittin here math debating

  6. felquist says:

    Said moments are this new thing called my life

  7. myrrlyn says:

    just sitting there masturbating.

  8. Kekemanov says:

    spammer with new tactics

  9. Shaunny says:

    They got me :/

  10. lerxstfan says:

    I’m just sitting here, menstruating.

  11. kungfuman says:

    I believe I am qualified to perform said roundhousing, you have my kicks!

  12. ImpulsiveZombie says:

    Shh, just pass the lotion.

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