Trusted in 3 days on 2 posts? Minions have it.

Trusted in 3 days on 2 posts? Minions have it.

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20 responses to “Trusted in 3 days on 2 posts? Minions have it.”

  1. ScottishSteve says:


  2. HorizonsPD says:

    This gif is Despicable

  3. BaconKitty says:

    Lost it when it fixes the headband XD

  4. appaismyspiritanimal says:

    Fine imgur, since you guys love this movie so much I’ll finally go watch it.

  5. KyleQuesadilla says:

    Congrats, friend! I went from Accepted to Liked to Trusted in one day…I’m still calming down. :)

  6. homer15 says:

    i went from forever alone to idolized in 10 months, so i did pretty good.

  7. isolemnlyswearthatiamuptonogoodandshallnevermanagemymischief says:

    actually, you can’t watch this movie yet. This is the sequel to Despicable Me, which is indeed a great movie.

  8. coolgrnmen says:

    YES…Despicable Me 2!!! Dos! Awesome! I’m excited. Minions are awesome and you should feel awesome

  9. CrazyCarretta says:

    As someone who is about 800 points away from Glorius, how do you people do this in under a year!??!

  10. CrazyCarretta says:

    just went back and checked, I’m not 800 points away I’m 2800 away T_T

  11. appaismyspiritanimal says:

    Oh, is this a part of the new one that’s coming out? I’ve seen previews for it. Fine, I’ll watch Despicable Me!

  12. isolemnlyswearthatiamuptonogoodandshallnevermanagemymischief says:

    ITS THE BEST! And from the previews of DM2 you don’t get much, but it looks funny already! 😀

  13. isolemnlyswearthatiamuptonogoodandshallnevermanagemymischief says:

    Perfect excuse then ahah!

  14. isolemnlyswearthatiamuptonogoodandshallnevermanagemymischief says:


  15. JustJes says:

    i win. trusted in 1 day >:}

  16. dopey says:

    I thought the apron’s back straps and bow were part of a thong. The pr0n has ruined me.

  17. HerRoyalDrunkenessQueenLiz says:

    This is how I clean the house. Except, minus the French maid outfit. I should really get one.

  18. Ohyoueightonetoo says:

    Cool story bro

  19. Catmike says:

    This post is Despicable 2.

  20. somethingaboutllamas says:

    It’s so clean I’m gunna die!

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