Valentines Day Cards For People Who Wish Valentines Day Wasnt Happening

Roses are red, blah, blah, blah. Not everyone is into the syrupy sweet sentiments expressed between couples on Valentine’s Day.

Wefeel your introverted pain, which is why we found even morecards that you Valentine’s Day Grinches might want to send…


After all, you can bring cake.


Let’s gradually build up to “like.”


Maybe try warming me up?

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Blah, blah, blah.

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And I don’t say that to just anyone.

Via: Imgur


You’re a cut above the rest (wink, wink.)

Via: Imgur

Now don’t you feel warm and fuzzy?

40 Kardashian Photos That Will Make You Hate Them Less

Considering the Kardashian family circus that is plastered everywhere on reality TV, magazines, and the Internet, it’s sometimes hard to remember that they are actual people and an actual family.

Yes, they’re,shall we say, different,and it’s still unclear exactly why most of them are even famous. But that’s society and, the fact is, they’re not going away. We’ve tried. They’re still here.

But before they were here, they were in pictures from decades ago that portray a slightly more normal view of life inside their family. They played soccer. They had awkward school pictures. They wore pleather and posed on motorcycles.

What? You never did that? Then you weren’t a Kardashian…

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