Wake up! I'm am hungry

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Wake up! I'm am hungry

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/RotnFF6

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15 responses to “Wake up! I'm am hungry”

  1. TheManTheyCallFunshine says:

    I love you, but I love food more human.

  2. JeanLucPicard says:

    I’m am

  3. DoctorWhodunit says:

    I’m am. I’M AM.

  4. SlightlyNormal says:

    l2lock the door

  5. EveryoneHasHilariousUsernamesAndImJustSittingHereMasturbating says:

    This is my dog every god damn morning.

  6. PagingDrLoggins says:

    Ah the old face burrow butt plant. Works every time.

  7. Frostels says:

    First second of this gif, I thought that dog was gonna piss/shit on him.

  8. cossettetape says:

    hey, did anyone else notice that error in the caption?

  9. TheDigitalCowboy says:

    Dogs…the ultimate morning people.

  10. LadyHaywire says:

    Give him food….he walks off.

  11. happohippo says:

    I me would upvote, but that caption is too much. I’m am going next image.

  12. Jonczar says:

    OH GOD I’M AM!

  13. fallenturtles says:

    It’s a dog. The fact that he got his grammar pretty close is remarkable enough.

  14. AnnieInSF says:

    We keep a baby gate across the hallway, or we’d have the exact same greeting, except Pit Bull version. They’re more persistent :(

  15. BeetlejuiceBreaksIn says:


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