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19 responses to “what-a-melon!”

  1. ImaLurkernomore says:

    Serial melon butcher

  2. amishgonebad says:

    I’m still waiting for the Old Spice twist…

  3. BeardManMan says:

    if only this melon made his dad come home.

  4. puffstepdaddy says:

    Maybe the black father from the last post got too caught up watching this?

  5. bluefacepaint says:

    The way he scrapes his knife across the cutting board says this restaurant can’t be that upscale.

  6. jabraham24 says:

    It’s the best kind

  7. bluefacepaint says:

    So I’m right, it’s not an upscale restaurant.

  8. DrPhro says:

    It’s 21 seconds, in case you missed it the first ten times like I did.

  9. Upvoter2000x says:

    I mean… he wastes half the goddamn melon.. this is not impressive in the least..

  10. 112864 says:

    racial casism

  11. junkist says:

    White people always waste food.

  12. onegooddeed says:

    That kinda sums up our economy. We are so wasteful with the things we have because we are so greedy and impatient.

  13. onegooddeed says:

    People like you are the reason why we are in this mess.

  14. IHatePhantomSpaceman says:

    Well, yeah the ending is perfect, especially if you lower your standards of perfection to include lazy, clichéd old-ass racist horseshit.

  15. MonCheriePari says:

    +1 for dormtainment at the end

  16. stumblinoctopus says:

    As someone who has been to Publix a few times, I’d rather go to Kroger or Wal*Mart and save some $$

  17. ForTheLoveOfOne says:

    You chinee? No wash paper towel, wash that. You so wasteful!!

  18. IHatePhantomSpaceman says:

    If this shit is still funny to you after the millionth fucking time, that says way more about you than my post does about me! ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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