What time is it?

What time is it?

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/qlmwVgs

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20 responses to “What time is it?”

  1. rifrafa says:

    upvote time!

  2. OneSpicyTaco says:

    I need to start watching this show.

  3. ScatterBrianed says:

    Everything is an adventure with enough caffeine!

  4. MillionairesAgainstHunger says:

    Promotional comment only*

  5. ImMrNovember says:

    Tool time!

  6. ifmycapslockkeyworkediwouldbeyelling says:

    I like how the spilling coffee looks like the mug’s hair.

  7. McTrick says:

    Argh argh argh.

  8. UnicornSVK says:

    NSFW party time?

  9. Timberlin says:

    Starbucks never ceases to impress me with the quality of art school students they employ.

  10. Bondmaster says:

    Mug is about to spill.

  11. PurpleJesus says:

    I thought this was an airplane for a second, disappointed to read that it is only a promotional board :(

  12. GeorgeOscarBluth says:

    Peanut butter jelly time?

  13. McTrick says:

    A newly brewed adventure

  14. FatherDougalMcGuire says:

    They clearly like their coffee black.

  15. deletedeleteieatmeat says:

    As a college student… It’s coffee time a latte!!

  16. treefreak says:

    It’s always that time.

  17. bigtuna1125 says:

    In serious need of an orthodontist

  18. retrohellix says:

    A little latte to jump on the AT bandwagon, but I have to admit this person knows how to espresso an idea.

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