What Type Of Chicken Tender Is Right For You?

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Never judge a person until you know their taste in chicken.

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What Type Of Chicken Tender Is Right For You?

  1. You got: Chicken Tenders

    You got Chicken Tenders! You are a classic — someone who’s dependable and not trying to rock the boat; you’ve got a great meat-to-breading ratio, basically.


  2. You got: Chicken Strips

    You got Chicken Strips! You don’t take yourself too seriously and don’t think that you should, but you probably could.


  3. You got: Chicken Fingers

    You got Chicken Fingers! You’re probably laughing at the idea of a chicken with fingers while drinking a Bud Light right now.


  4. You got: Chicken Nuggets

    You got Chicken Nuggets! You were just remembering the ‘90s and only ended up taking this quiz because you were hoping to get a free Happy Meal.


  5. You got: Chicken Fillets

    You got Chicken Fillets! You’re pretty much a solid “adult.” You do adult stuff and like adult things, but you also know how to ~let loose~ every once in a while.


  6. You got: Chicken Goujon

    You got Chicken Goujon! Did you only take this quiz because you wanted to see what the masses are consuming these days? Go write a think piece or something.


  7. You got: Chicken Tempura

    You got Chicken Tempura! You have seen (and eaten) it all and concluded that in the end, you just can’t beat a good piece of breaded chicken.


  8. You got: Chicken Fries

    You got Chicken Fries! You have opinions about the state of things, aren’t afraid to share them, and most of the time people will actually listen to you.


  9. You got: Boneless Wings

    You got Boneless Wings! You’re down for anything and generally well-liked, but you never forget where you’re from — even if you grew up spending weekends at the mall.



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