Which Scooby character were you?

Which Scooby character were you?

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13 responses to “Which Scooby character were you?”

  1. StelFury says:

    TV show Spaced, it’s amazing

  2. StelFury says:

    It’s from Spaced from years ago, it is British, not Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead, probably why you read it as British

  3. idontknowilikebuttbunnies says:

    thanks for replying! :) I kept trying to think where I’ve seen him!

  4. GingerIsOurWord says:

    If you like Community, you’ll like this. It has those “throw-away” pop culture references you rediscover the fifth viewing.

  5. MattSowecke says:

    is anyone else annoyed by the change of typefaces after the first one?

  6. hmityok says:

    I always hated Shaggy, he just seemed gross

  7. shenaniganigram says:

    Everything Edgar Wright has ever made is superb

  8. nickimunaj says:

    Even as a child I always preferred Velma. Daphne was one useless chick.

  9. tinglesauce says:

    I was a fat kid that loved dogs. Pot references weren’t as great for me until high school.

  10. bigger66 says:

    lol, you don’t think so? he was a douche but I think Daphne was into that. She certainly wasn’t into Shaggy.

  11. grenadeh says:

    What is this and why is there something with simon pegg in it that i haven’t seen?

  12. littlebird27 says:

    Spaced. Older series, before Sean of the Dead. only two seasons- very good.

  13. bangoskankawaitstheking says:

    +1 for Spaced. I miss that damn show.

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