Who needs a DNA test.

Who needs a DNA test.

Read more: http://imgur.com/gallery/co9Th

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16 responses to “Who needs a DNA test.”

  1. Elapidae says:

    How do we know it’s the moms?

  2. wolverine420 says:

    This is just cute. That is all.

  3. SolidGoldFish says:

    pow! right in the logic

  4. dbburning says:

    -2 for duckface

  5. MosDefin8ly says:

    Acceptable Duckfaces.

  6. MochaWave says:

    I love pudgy babies

  7. Elapidae says:

    No, don’t pow, that won’t be good for the baby.

  8. tkay says:

    In this case: +1 for duck- and duckling face

  9. blaynatron says:

    Irrelevant: I don’t like the new imgur. Why cant I just see the best images for today only, not all the week, I’v seen most of them already!

  10. CaptainUnderpanties says:


  11. PeanutBuddha says:

    Yeah, I too saw that on reddit.

  12. IWillNeverHaveARelevantUsername says:

    I loved duckhunt, I hated that fucking snickering dog.

  13. Elapidae says:

    Yeah shake that baby.

  14. Elapidae says:


  15. Enidaj says:

    Cutest duckface ever.

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