Why Impulsive People Always Have The Most Epic Adventures

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People are animals. Literally.

Some are just more domesticated than others. Most choose to be house cats.

But a few choose to be tigers.

And people who choose to be tigers open themselves up to the concrete jungle. Tigers place themselves in dangerous situationsand see things that no one else does.

And impulsive people are tigers. They use their adrenaline, instincts and intellect to make the most out of life.In their eyes, every day is anadventure. Because — to borrow fromwriter Paulo Coelho —routine is “lethal.”

People who run on their impulsesfind themselves as protagonists to their own cinematic plot — except unlike film scripts, the stories of impulsive peoplearen’t just stories. They’re realities.

Impulsive people plan their road trips, not their lives.

Spontaneous people will hop on the next flightbecause they knowthat life is worth living right now.

They’re not oblivious; they understand spur-of-the-moment decisions can be problematic. They know how far their money can go.But they also acknowledge that one day, their lives will be over — whether they playedthings safe or not.

Because they know that death can come at any moment, they live life to the fullest. They swim with great white sharks (and know you’re more likely to die in a car accident thanin a shark attack). If they’re going to kick the bucket, they want to do it while they’re completing a bucket list.

After all, tomorrow is never a guarantee. And in case the morning doesn’t come, they want to make every moment as memorable as possible.

Impulsive people aren’t afraid to live a little.

A spontaneous person’s first word was probably “YOLO.” Crazy things happen to impulsive people because — hey, let’s face it — they’re a little crazy themselves.

They don’t just drunkenly stumble behind a bush to pee. Instead, they accidentally take a leak on the colosseum.

Theyre like Barney from “How I Met Your Mother, who strives to make every night legendary. In one particular episode, he persuadeshis best friend to lick the Liberty Bell. And if Barney wasn’t the crazy guy he normally is, he wouldhave neverdiscovered that the Liberty Bell actually tastes like pennies.

Impulsive peopledon’t just go hang out at a bar with their friends. They lick the Liberty Bell.

Impulsive people have an insatiable thirstfor adventure.

Impulsive people love to seek out thrills. They want to pet lions in Africa and swimwith crocodiles in Australia.

These experiencesdo not justhappen;impulsive people have to seek themout.

They might notcreate acomprehensive itinerary for their trips, but they do know theyre going to do something out of the ordinary.

Impulsive people reap rewards because they take risks.

Since impulsive people put themselves out there more frequently than most, theyare more likely to stumble into rare events and opportunities. They often find themselves rubbing elbows with celebrities andgetting into VIP sections.

Without these people, you wouldnever seeselfies with Robert De Niro on your Instagramfeed.

While other people may knock on opportunity’s door, impulsive peoplebreak the whole door down.

Impulsive people see countries as lessons.

Their instinctsare their compasses. Impulsive peoplego where the wind blows and embrace life’s hiccups with open arms. This way,they see more of the world than anyone else, and they learn lessons everywhere they travel.

Maybe one impulsive person learned to save money and appreciate hot water while living in Colombia. Maybe another took a dragon boat in Thailand and felt free for the first time in his or her life. Maybe another adventurous person marveledat Van Gogh’s gentle, swirly paintings in Amsterdam.

To impulsive people, passport stamps are like Boy and Girl Scout badges.

Impulsive people’s bad decisions make the best stories.

Maybe that tattoo of anex’s boobs didn’t make for the best body ink, but it does make for a great story. Or maybe trying to pet a black mamba on asafari wasnt the best idea, but that helicopter ride to the hospital sure did make for a spectacular story.

Even though these experiences may have seemed horrible at the time, impulsive people usually laugh about their mistakes down the lineand gladly sharetheir unbelievablestories.

These memories might seem collectivelybizarre, but being bizarre still trumps being boring. And thememories they cultivate are exciting because they took risks. After all, choosing not tolive life to the fullest is the biggest risk of all.

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