Women Cosplay as Male Characters from The Hobbit


10 responses to “Women Cosplay as Male Characters from The Hobbit”

  1. AndreAndreyeepayeepa says:

    Female dwarves have beards. Not so sexy now, eh.

  2. HisHolyRabbitness says:

    Let’s go on an adventure! :]

  3. putyourbluesoncruisecontrol says:

    where are the ugly old faces and the beards?

  4. Daye04 says:

    Is it not just one woman?

  5. thefar says:

    I like the idea, but I am disappointed with the missing beards. Not sure if up or down with it. So I withhold my vote!

  6. Cratey says:

    Pretty awesome but still needs the beards.

  7. CaptainPsychopath says:

    No Smaug?

  8. longshot201 says:

    I’ve fapped to less

  9. SinisterKid128 says:

    Whoa. An all star in UserSub! Don’t see you guys around here often.

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