Yes, but are the ducts free-range?

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Yes, but are the ducts free-range?

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17 responses to “Yes, but are the ducts free-range?”

  1. ifwisheswerehorsestherewouldbelotsofhorsepoo says:

    Yes, but has anyone heard of them before?

  2. Preparemyinbox says:

    That’s a nice caption.

  3. BeerInTheMorningBeerInTheEveningBeerAtSuppertime says:

    Psssh, I bet it’s not even locally sourced.

  4. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying says:

    How many calories do they have?

  5. CutOffHisManhoodAndFeedItToTheGoats says:

    Oh but I only buy vegan fair trade sheet metal dear, I’ll have to go elsewhere..

  6. Argyle4prem says:

    Yes but is it free range?

  7. deborahmorgan says:

    Caption wins, go home.

  8. StrideWideMan says:

    Isn’t metal inorganic?

  9. TheColorOfThisPenIsBLUE says:

    Someone’s gotta do it

  10. ArcherJones says:

    But is it local?

  11. meebit says:

    Everybody go home. OP already took the tip comment.

  12. Hankryguitar says:

    But is it vegan?

  13. IhateMostOfHumanity says:

    But is it from the US and cheaper as normal sheet metal?

  14. WeHaveBeenOverThis says:

    Hippos are nature’s crowd control.

  15. SeanJohnSnow says:

    Their face when they saw that sign:

  16. cloudsdale52 says:

    wait, can you even inject weed?

  17. cloudsdale52 says:

    wait, can you even inject weed?

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