You learn something new everyday

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You learn something new everyday

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6 responses to “You learn something new everyday”

  1. shadowex3 says:

    In HL:Opposing Force at one point you need to enable the “valve” and “gearbox” to pass an enemy.

  2. jaimeribg says:

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  3. GreenFox says:

    No, YOU learned something. Don’t put your ignorance on your readers.

  4. thehelveticascenario says:

    OP is an idiot. Also, SHIT stands for “Ship High In Transit” from the days of using cow pies to fuel steam engines…… SHIT OS?

  5. kerms says:

    I swear you people are fucking slow.

  6. LessThanHumbleScott says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t “Open your wallet” and “Bend over”.

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